Wasim Akram Opens Up on his ‘Rivalry’ with Waqar Younis

Wasim Akram has termed his tussle with Waqar Younis from their playing days as a ‘healthy competition’ while he admitted that bad blood was present between the two pacers in the old times.

In an exclusive interview with ProPakistani, cricket legend Wasim Akram recently shed light on his once-famous rivalry with fellow pace bowler Waqar Younis. Wasim Akram revealed that the fierce competition to outdo each other in terms of wicket-taking was, in fact, a healthy rivalry that benefited both players and the Pakistani cricket team as a whole.

The former pacer emphasized that, despite their rivalry on the field, jealousy never crept into their sportsmanship. Instead, they helped each other on the field in terms of bowling strategy which contributed significantly to their shared success in international cricket.

Acknowledging that they were both young and carried their fair share of egos at the time, Wasim Akram confessed that personal differences did exist between the two. However, he reassured that such matters have long been put behind them.

Over the years, the legendary duo has not only buried their differences but also forged a strong bond that extends beyond the cricketing arena.

Source: Pro Pakistani