CDA to Get World Bank’s Technical Assistance For New Bus Service

World Bank has agreed to provide technical assistance to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for its upcoming intra-city bus service.

According to details, a team led by Jen Jungenu Oh visited the CDA headquarters, where they held a meeting with the civic authority’s officials including Chairman Anwarul Haq.

During the meeting, the World Bank officials were apprised of the metro bus operations in the federal capital and the plan to launch another service. For the upcoming bus service, a fleet of 30 buses out of 160 will arrive from China next month.

The CDA officials told the visiting delegation that it will be constructing three depots, including a major one at Zero Point, for the buses. After getting a detailed briefing from the authority, the World Bank’s representatives agreed to provide technical support during the construction of the depots.

However, it didn’t commit to providing financial assistance, informing CDA that it would look into the matter at a later stage. Chairman CDA appointed Member Planning as the focal person for coordination with the experts of the World Bank.

On the other hand, after getting no interest from the government companies in the tendering process of the Zero Point depot’s contract, CDA has been forced to go for open tendering.

Previously, the civic authority had invited five government-owned companies, including National Logistics Cell, Frontier Work Organisation, National Construction Company, and Railway Construction Company to submit their bids for the construction of the main depot. However, none of them showed any interest.

Source: Pro Pakistani