Zhejiang Xianju Creates a County Model of “Beautiful China” with Green Development

XIANJU, China, Oct. 15, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– From October 12th to 14th, the 3rd China’s County Green Development Xianju Forum was held in Xianju county, Zhejiang province, according to the Publicity Department of the CPC Xianju County Committee.

Xianju is a relatively remote mountainous area in eastern China. Today, the local residents can be rewarded for their green lifestyle. Residents who choose to walk, ride public bicycles, or travel by bus can get a certain amount of “green coins”, which can be used for consumption, living expenses, charitable donations, etc. One “green coin” is equivalent to 1 RMB.

This kind of healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle can be seen everywhere in Xianju. Not only that, the current industrial development of Xianju is closely related to the green industry.

The forest coverage rate of Xianju County is 79.6%. The place where Tianmu Mountain in the famous Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai’s “Tianmu Mountain Ascended in a Drea” is located in Xianju, and is regarded as “the place where immortals live.” For a long time, Xianju has an excellent ecological environment, but from the perspective of economic development, Xianju is not a developed county in Zhejiang Province. Still, Zhejiang has chosen it as the only county-level green development reform pilot county in the province. Through the joint participation of the government, enterprises and the public, it has explored a “beautiful China” county model with sustainable development, well-to-do life and sound ecosystem for China.

Xianju is different from the traditional countryside. It is more like a natural park where ecology, life and economy develop harmoniously.

The “greening” of Xianju’s economic development has taken the lead in practice. For example, for the traditional pharmaceutical industry with a good foundation, Xianju has shut down most of the pharmaceutical enterprises with low-tech content, small production scale and scattered distribution in the urban area. The retained enterprises were relocated to the economic development zone as a whole, and the products have also been upgraded from raw material supply to patent medicine production, transforming to modern medicine and biomedicine. At the same time, Xianju also actively cultivates three “Ten Billion Industries” of great health, great tourism and great culture, so as to promote the economic development towards the green and high-end.

By eliminating backward production capacity and strengthening scientific and technological innovation, the added value of Xianju’s high-tech industry accounted for half of the industrial added value, and the added value of green industry accounted for 83% of the county’s GDP last year.

“National-level ecological county”, “national-level standardization of beautiful countryside pilot county”, “China’s leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration county”, “China’s best rural economic tourism and holiday destination”…Xianju’s reputation in recent years has a distinct green development background.

In addition to the “green coin” system, nowadays, the citizens in Xianju have formed a “green consensus”, and actively participate in green consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, CD-ROM operations, green travel, garbage sorting, etc. The green development action is becoming a fashion in Xianju.

“Taking the road of ecological county-building and green development is not only the need of implementing the national ecological civilization construction, but also the historical choice of the stage of the development of fairy houses.” Lin Hong, the Secretary of Xianju County Party Committee, said that in the future, Xianju will make every effort to build a vigorous and open highland, a green economic highland, a green ecological highland, a county cultural highland, a harmonious and happy highland.

The person in charge of the China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association said that Xianju has focused on developing a green economy and promoting green welfare in recent years. This is a sustainable and scalable exploration that will provide a model for China to implement the concept of green development and the rural revitalization strategy.

Source: The Publicity Department of the CPC Xianju County Committee

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