Yamaha Announces Updated YBR125G With New Color Scheme and Added Features

Yamaha has announced the launching of a “new model” of the YBR125G, however, temper your expectations, as the latest model is nothing more than just a new paint job and some minor upgrades.

This has been the company’s strategy for quite some time now: Announce a new model featuring nothing more than a new sticker, a few minor upgrades, and a price hike.

Despite widespread criticism from bike enthusiasts, Yamaha doesn’t seem to change its approach shortly.

It recently launched a Rs. 17,000 more expensive “new model” of the Yamaha YBR 125, which lived up to the consumers’ expectations of being merely a new color variant.

Now, it has introduced the ’latest edition’ of YBR125G, and there are no real surprises, it’s just another iteration with a fresh coat of paint and some marginal upgrades.

The following are the upgrades:

Fuel Gauge

Gear Indication

Trip Meter

Cast Wheels with Front Disc Brakes

Block pattern tire

Level Adjustable Rear Suspension

Halogen Headlight with Ring Guard

Speed Transmission with Engine Balancer and Under Guards

Sporty and Stylish Seat

Special Double Front Fender

Long Shock Absorbers with Rubber Boots

As expected, Yamaha has also increased the price of YBR125G by Rs. 18,000. Following the price increase, YBR125G (Red/Black) now costs Rs. 471,000 compared to the previous price of Rs. 453,000.

Similarly, the Yamaha YBR125G (Matt Dark Gray/Matt Orange) now costs Rs. 474,000 compared to its previous Rs. 456,000.

Source: Pro Pakistani