Ulema playing pivotal role for harmony, promotion of Islamic values: Qadri

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony Noor-ul-Haq Qadri says Ulema and religious scholars are playing pivotal role for harmony and promotion of Islamic values.

Addressing a function in Peshawar today (Sunday), he said Prime Minister Imran Khan has highlighted the sanctity of the Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad Rasool Allah Khatimnabiyyin Sallallaho Alahe Wa Aalayhi Wa Ashabehi Wassalam and state of Madina at international fora.

The minister said the government in consultation with Muslim Ummah is working to devise a comprehensive plan to stop religious blasphemy acts forever.

Noor-ul-Haq Qadri said Ulema will never become part of dirty politics to safeguard the looted national resources of some political elements.

He said, baseless allegations and propaganda against Pak Army by some elements is highly deplorable.

Source: Radio Pakistan