The Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited’s order suspension of trading in the shares of the companies

Karachi: Since the following companies have not so far removed the cause of suspension of trading in their shares, The Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited (KSE) in the interest of trade and public and In exercise of the powers vested under Listing Regulation No. 5(2)(iii) read with Section 9(7) of the Securities and Exchange Ordinance1969 has decided that trading in the shares of these companies shall be kept suspended for a further period of 60 days from August 17, 2011 or until such time as the cause of suspension is removed.

1. Pakistan Northern Insurance Company Limited
2. Awan Textile Mills Limited
3. Taga Pakistan Limited
4. Pakistan Dairies Limited
5. Regal Ceramics Limited
6. Junaid Cotton Mills Limited
7. Alif Textile Industries Limited
8. Apex Fabrics Limited
9. Myfip Video Industries Limited
10. Mehran Jute Mills Limited
11. Azmat Textile Mills Limited
12. Bahawalpur Textile Mills Limited
13. Kaiser Arts and Krafts Limited

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