The Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited’s capital adequacy requirement certificate of net capital balance

Karachi: All the members are once again requested to ensure that the certificate of Net Capital Balance as on June 30, 2011 apportioned as per the following detail is submitted before September 15, 2011, failing which the penalty shall be imposed as provided in Schedule 5 of Regulations Governing Risk Management of the Exchange.

1. Allocation to Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited

2. Allocation to Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited

3. Allocation to Islamabad Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited

4. Allocation to National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited for Debt Market

The list of approved panel of auditors prescribed by the Exchange under Regulations Governing System Audit of the Brokers of the Exchange, 2004 is enclosed here with for the submission of Net Capital Balance Certificate and necessary complinance.

01. All Members, KSE

02. The Director (SROD), SMD, SECP, Fax 051-9218S95, E-mail:

03. The Managing Director, Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited

04. The Managing Director, Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited

05. The Managing Director Islamabad Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited

06. The Chief Executive Officer, Central Company of Pakistan Limited

07. The Chief Executive Officer, National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited

08. Heads of IT Division and Operations-KSE

09. Notice Board

10. KSE Website

List of Approved Panel of Auditors for Net Capital Balance Certificate

Category “A”

S.No. Name of the Firms
 A1 A.F. Ferguson and Co.
 A2 Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman
 A3 Avais Hyder Liaquat Nauman
 A4 BDO Ebrahim and Co.
 A5 Naveed Zafar Husain Jaffery and Co.
 A6 Hyder Bhimji and Co.
 A7 Ilyas Saeed and Co.
 A8 M. Yousuf Adil Saleem and Co.
 A9 Muniff Ziauddin Junaidy and Co. Chartered Accountants
 A10 Riaz Ahmed and Co.
 A11 KPMG Taseer Hadi and Co.
 A12 Ernst and Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder and Co. Chartered Accountants
 A13 Rahman Sarfaraz Rahim Iqbal Rafiq
 A14 Horwath Hussain Chaudhury and Co. Chartered Accountants



Category “B”

S. No. Name of the Firms
 B1  Hameed Ch. and Co.
 B2 Ibrahim Sh. and Co.
 B3  Rahim Jan and Co.
 B4  Zahid Jamil and Co.
 B5 Riaz Ahmad, Saqib, Gohar and Co.
 B6 Haroon Zakaria and Co.
 B7 Mushtaq and Co.
 B8 Tariq Abdul Ghani and Co.,
 B9 F.R.A.N.T.S. and Co.
 B10  Baker Tilly Mehmood Idrees Qamar and Co.
 B11 HLB Ijaz Tabussum and Company



Category “C”

S.No. Name of the Firms
 C1 Daudally Lalani and Co.
 C2  Rehman Iqbal Umar Iftikhar
 C3 Qavi and Co.
 C4 Moochhala Gangat and Co.
 C5  Rafaqat Mansha Mohsin Dossani
 C6 Nasir Javaid Maqsood Imran and Co.
 C7 Aslam Malik and Co. Chartered Accountants
 C8 Mansoor Aslam Seraj Saleem
 C9  UHY-Hassan Naeem and Co
 C10 Feroze Sharif Tariq and Co.


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