The ex-depot prices of Kerosene Oil and E-10 Gasoline, effective March 01, 2012 will be as follows

Islamabad: Federal Government, in pursuance of ECC decision of  October 06, 2010, has deregulated the ex-refinery/ex-depot prices of Motor Spirit, HOBC, LDO  and Jet fuels (JP-1, JP-4 and JP-8) w.e.f June 01, 2011. ¾ HSD  ex-depot  price  is  already  deregulated  since  June  2002.  Per  the  ECC  decision, refineries/Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) will fix / announce ex-refinery / ex-depot prices of above mentioned POL products.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) will, however, continue to compute /notify  ex-refinery  prices  of  HSD  and  Kerosene  including  ex-depot  prices  of  Kerosene  Oil  and  E-10  Gasoline on monthly basis, on Federal Government given formula and Petroleum Levy.   The  ex-depot  prices  of  Kerosene  Oil  and  E-10  Gasoline,  effective  March  01,  2012  will  be  as follows:-


Product Existing Price Price w.e.f March 01, 2012 Difference inc/(dec) %age
Kerosene Oil 92.02 96.40 4.38 4.8%
E-10 Gasoline 92.41 95.17 2.76 3.0%


The maximum ex-depot prices for various POL products, computed by PSO, per Federal Government approved formula, effective March 01, 2012, are reproduced below for information.


Product Existing Price Price w.e.f March 01, 2012 Difference inc/(dec) %age
MS 94.91 97.66 2.75 2.9%
HOBC 118.20 126.87 8.67 7.3%
LDO 90.21 93.29 3.08 3.4%
HSD 103.46 103.46 0.0%


The  above  revision  has  been  approved  by  Federal  Government  owing  to  changes  in international POL prices and exchange rate which are tabulated below.


Base Product  C and F Unit Effec Feb 01,2012 Effec Mar 01,2012 Difference Inc/(dec) %age
Naphtha $ / MT 935.91 1,007.76 71.86 7.7%
HSFO $ / MT 723.46 737.58 14.12 2.0%
Kerosene Oil $ / BBL 126.11 131.03 4.92 3.9%
Gas Oil $/ BBL 127.56 131.77 4.21 3.3%
Gasoline 95 RON $ / BBL 122.29 129.38 7.10 5.8%
Exchange rate Rs 90.34 90.75 0.41 0.5%


Federal  Government  has  decided  to  keep  HSD  price  unchanged  despite  Rs.  2.82/litre increase  in  its  price,  owing  to  increase  in  international  prices  as  tabulated  above.  Federal Government has accordingly decreased Petroleum Levy from Rs. 6.50 to Rs.4.07 per litre. This will result in subsidy of an estimated Rs. 1.9 billion in March 2012.

OGRA  had,  however,  recommended  to  Federal  Government  that  POL  prices  be  kept unchanged by absorbing the said increase in Petroleum Levy, to provide relief to public at large, however,  FG,  keeping  in  view  their  budgetary  constraints,  decided  not  to  change  HSD  price


Detailed computations are available at OGRA’s website (

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