Teenage Girl Guides Students to the Safety of a Mosque in a School Shooting [Video]

Christchurch's mosque shooting earlier this year might have painted a horrific perception in the minds of people across the globe that the praying places are not safe because of the white supremacists.

The fear is justified owing to the fact that Muslims have been at the receiving end in such attacks, however, a young student in the US, Duaa Ahmad, has proved that mosques can provide shelter in times of distress.

Following a school shooting and stabbing incident in a local school in Wisconsin on Tuesday, Duaa hurried to a mosque across the road to provide shelter to over 100 students. Her father serves as the finance secretary for the local community mosque.

The 17-year-old student at Oshkosh West High School, guided her fellow students to the mosque after they heard a gunshot in the school.

Her heroic act was recorded in the CCTV footage of the mosque where she was seen entering the security code to unlock the door. She brought as many students as she could and locked themselves in when she called her father, Saad Ahmad who works minutes away from the place of shooting.

I'm really glad she opened the mosque right away and took the initiative. I was quite proud of her that she was able to handle this situation at such a young age.

I was there at the right time in the worst situation, Duaa said in an interview after the incident. Her presence of mind has been praised by many in the local community and on social media as well.

Source: Pro Pakistani