State Bank committed to develop country’s financial sector: Kamran Shehzad

Karachi: Mr. Muhammad Kamran Shehzad, Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan has said that SBP is fully committed to continue its relentless efforts for the development of country’s financial sector.

Speaking at the Flag Hoisting Ceremony held at SBP, Karachi this morning to mark the 64th Independence Day, he said the achievements of the State Bank are evident from the fact that now Pakistan is considered among those countries which have a robust financial system. He said the SBP has been making relentless efforts with sincerity, dedication and honesty for the development of country’s financial sector.

Congratulating the nation on the Independence Day, he said that 14th August is the most significant day in the history of Pakistan as it reminds us how this great country came into being after a long and strenuous struggle of our forefathers.

Mr. Kamran said that this day also reminds us of our national heroes whose untiring efforts, dedication and countless sacrifices gifted us an independent state. ‘We must be thankful to Almighty Allah, Who bestowed upon us the dynamic leadership of Quaid‐e‐Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,’ he added.

‘I am confident that if we rigorously follow our Quaid’s golden principles of Unity, Faith and Discipline, then no power in the world can stop us from achieving all objectives of the independence of Pakistan for which our forefathers rendered great sacrifices,’ he stressed. He said that on August 14, 1947 when we as an independent nation began our journey, we faced a number of challenges to achieve progress and prosperity for our nation and it looked like that we would need centuries to overcome these challenges. But, with the blessing of Almighty Allah and determination of our great nation, we ably succeeded in overcoming these initial difficulties, he observed.

He pointed out that the State Bank of Pakistan has achieved tremendous progress since its inception in 1948. Pakistan’s central bank now has a banking system that is capable to achieve financial stability in accordance with the Quaid’s vision, he said.

Mr. Kamran urged all employees of the central bank to show greater commitment to transform the State Bank into a more dynamic and modern institution in line with contemporary banking practices being exercised in the developed economies. “We must renew our determination that we will continue to make unrelenting efforts to achieve the goals for which country’s central bank was established. Let’s resolve that we will continue to work with utmost sincerity, devotion, honesty and professionalism at the central bank,” he added.

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