Standing Committee on Trade Delegations of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Karachi: Standing Committee on Trade Delegations of FPCCI under the Chairmanship of Mr. Humayun Sayeed met on 12th December, 2011, which was attended by Mr. Shakeel Dhingra, Mr. Mansha Churra, Mr. Naseeruddin Sheikh and Mr. Mir Nasir Abbas and other members. Mr. Humayun Sayeed while opening the discussion stated that visit of trade delegations abroad plays a pivotal role in bringing the business community more closer and enhances economic and trade cooperation. It also provides new grounds for the businessmen. Mr. Humayun Sayeed appreciated the outstanding performance of the International Affairs Department by constituting visit of 12 delegation in the year 2011 and 15 exhibitions in the same year.

He further added that 2012 should be declared as “Year of Trade Promotion” through delegations and exhibitions. He further appreciated the efforts of Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, President, FPCCI and Mir Nasir Abbas, Director General, by organizing maximum delegations in 2011. Mr. Nasir Abbas gave a thorough briefing on the delegations which were organized during 2011, also mentioning that a historical visit to Tajikistan was organized which was one of its kind, having 111 delegates.

Another milestone was visit of trade delegation to Russian Federation in the month of September. It was resolved by the Committee that a letter may be addressed to the President and Prime Minister Secretariat, requesting them to include businessmen in the official entourages.

The committee approved a tentative program of delegations to be organized in the year 2012 which will be circulated amongst the trade bodies for inviting their interest. The list will also be sent to our Missions abroad, getting feedback on sectors to be covered along with possible dates.

It was further decided that the program will be dispatched to TDAP for keeping them onboard to avail subsidy as and when delegations will be constituted. The Committee further resolved to streamline the selection of delegates for the delegations being constituted by FPCCI. In this regard Director General will submit S.O.Ps in the next meeting which will be held sometimes in the 4th week of December, 2011.

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