Shift in people’s mindsets necessary for gender equality: Fiza Gilani

Islamabad: The dream of women empowerment can only be turned into tangible reality by bringing about positive shift in the mindsets of people regarding gender equality. Only true and active participation of womenfolk in social, economic and political spheres of national activity can ensure national progress.

The Goodwill Ambassador for Women Empowerment, Fiza Batool Gilani, expressed these views while addressing a ceremony held in Islamabad in connection with the International Women Day.

Fiza Batool Gilani lauded the role of Benazir Bhutto as “the ardent advocate of women empowerment”. The Shaheed leader has inspired generations of womenfolk across the world, particularly in Pakistan, through her leadership and initiatives for the cause of women, the Goodwill Ambassador added.

Elaborating upon the national theme “legislations for protecting women’s rights” on International Women Day, Fiza Gilani lauded the role of current parliament which has passed several legislations for the protection and promotion of women’s rights. “Pro-women legislations is a clear manifestation of the priority the PPP government attaches to the cause and agenda of women empowerment”, she remarked.

Fiza Batool Gilani stressed upon all mothers that they should treat their sons and daughters on equal footing so that concepts of gender equality and non-discrimination against women become the part of their training at home. “Mothers must not give precedence to sons over daughters and both the genders should be treated on equal footing at home”, she emphasized.

The Goodwill Ambassador said that curricula being taught in Pakistani institutions need overhauling as it need to be brought in line with the concepts of gender equality and non-discrimination against women, she concluded.

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