Sharjah Export Display Centre Project to be prioritized

Islamabad: The Sharjah Export Display Centre project, for which land was made available by the UAE government, can become a viable venue to project Pakistani exports in the UAE and the Gulf region, if it is taken up by the business community. This was agreed upon by all participants in a meeting held between Mr. Jamil Ahmed Khan, the Ambassador of Pakistan to UAE and leading members of the business community at the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Head Office in Karachi on March 7, 2012.

Mr. Khan was welcomed at the Federation House by FPCCI Vice Presidents for 2012, Sheikh Haroon Rashid, Mirza Abdur Rehman, Engineer Daru Khan Achakzai and Mr. Zubair Ali. Also present on the occasion were Mr. S.M. Muneer, Mr. Mansha Churra, Sardar Shaukat Popalzai, Mr. Ubaidullah Qadri, Mr. Nasiruddin Sheikh, and other prominent members of the business community.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Khan thanked the business community for extending him a warm welcome and appreciated the attendance of the four new Vice Presidents, which indicated the interest of the business community in enhancing commercial ties with the UAE. He urged all businessmen to contemplate the possibility of opening representative offices in UAE, in order to further expand their exports.

He also urged the business community to participate actively in the March 23rd celebrations being hosted by Pakistan’s embassy in UAE, stating that such events provided a great opportunity to businessmen to network with their foreign counterparts. While making a detailed presentation on the trade and investment opportunities for Pakistani businesses in the UAE, he identified the following sectors carrying great potential for our businessmen: oil and gas, agricultural products, education and health.

He pointed out that UAE was engaging in huge infrastructure development projects which would require cement and other construction materials that Pakistan could provide easily. He also appreciated the contribution of Overseas Pakistanis living in UAE remitting almost US$2.6 billion foreign exchange every year.

Mr. S.M. Muneer appreciated Mr. Khan’s efforts for the betterment of Pak-UAE commercial ties. He told Mr. Khan that the matter of Sharjah Display Centre would be followed up by FPCCI with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan.

He also mentioned that FPCCI would coordinate with the Ministry of Commerce and participate actively in the Annual Investment Meeting being held in Dubai in May 2012, in order to ensure that the interests of the business community of the country were articulated effectively at this international forum. The meeting concluded with presentation of the FPCCI crest to Mr. Khan.

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