Shaanxi is Re-introducing its Breath-taking Travel Resources

XI’AN, China, Dec. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire — Clinging on the cliff which stands 7000 ft. above the ground, the two adventurers — Kiersten Rich from the United States and Tyson Mayr from Australia have tested their limits in the 7-day cultural exploration trip in Shaanxi, China.

Though no longer the political capital of China, Xi’an’s glorious past as the starting point of Silk Road and home to emperors for more than 1,100 years has left the place sumptuous legacies. On September 21, 2015, two of the travel enthusiasts, invited by Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Administration, started the “Shaanxi Selfie Culture Hunt” with an aim to capture the beauty of Shaanxi in an unconventional way.

From south to north, the two travel experts dug into not only the world famous historical wonder — terracotta warriors, but also the under-the-radar gems which are lesser known and visited by tourists. Mount Hua, one of the highlights in this trip, has taken the social network with its startling height and jaw-dropping landscape you can only find in movie scenes. Together with the selfie theme, the cultural and historical essence of the 11 spots they have visited, such as Xi’an City Wall and Hukou Waterfall, are perfectly translated into a set of visually impressive journals. Netizens can vote for their favorite selfie in order to win two round-trip tickets or a free customized selfie stick.

The online campaign has recorded more than 13,000 participants from over 50 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Japan. On October 15, more than 2,300 entries were received. Polling between the two Shaanxi “cultural hunters,” Kiersten Rich and Tyson Mayr, was intense at its final stage.

The O2O campaign “Shaanxi Selfie Culture Hunt” has successfully reminded the world of Shaanxi’s rich and awe-inspiring travel resources. Its distinct seasons throughout the year and a comprehensive travel network for overseas tourists have set the best ground for a cultural getaway.

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