Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan registered 248 companies in November

Islamabad: The SECP registered 248 companies in November. The private companies have the highest share in new incorporations totalling 210, followed by 27 single member companies, 4 non-profit association, 3 foreign companies and public unlisted companies each and 1 trade organization.

Of the 3 foreign companies, 1 company belonging to Turkey was registered in Lahore while 2 foreign companies from the U.S. and New Zealand each are registered at Islamabad. Foreign investment by nationals from Cyprus and South Korea was observed in 2 new local companies in engineering and textile sector each.

The sector-wise position reveals that trading sector has the new incorporation of 37 companies, followed by services with 30 companies, construction with 20 companies, I.T. with 17 companies, food and beverages with 11 companies, education with 10 companies, pharmaceuticals, textile and tourism with 9 companies each and communications and corporate agricultural farming with 8 companies each.

The Company Registration Office (CRO), Lahore registered 82 companies followed by CROs in Islamabad and Karachi registering 79 and 55 companies respectively. The Peshawar and Multan CROs registered 12 and 8 companies respectively while Faisalabad and Quetta CROs registered 6 companies each.

The authorized capital and paid-up capital of 248 companies, is Rs1.32 billion and Rs320.88 million respectively. During the month, 21 companies increased their authorized capital with the aggregate authorized capital increment of Rs489 million and 37 companies raised their paid-up capital with the total paid-up capital increment amounting to Rs4.87 billion.

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