Saudi Arabia has cleared that it will not withdraw its investment from U.S

The tension is its peak among both Saudi Arabia and the United States

If we say that the United States has got on the wrong path of kicking off the unnecessary dispute with its one of the strongest allies that is none other than Saudi Arabia, so that will not be wrong, because the government of the United States seems to be prepared in order to bring up the 9/11 bill that will accuse the Saudi Arabia’s regime for the attack. This will not only affect the relation between the United States and the Saudi Arabia, in fact, its outcome will also be witnessed by the Gulf region, which is already in the intense situation. So it is good for the current government of the United States, to avoid creating an intense situation with Saudi Arabia, as it has happened to be the one of the much strongest allies from the Gulf region and bringing up another dispute with Saudi Arabia may put the interests and the stakes of the United States in the Gulf region at risk.

The United States should take every step carefully

Now gone are the days, when only the United States used to enjoy the influence on the Gulf region, and for sustaining that influence, it has to take some measures as maintaining influence on the Gulf region is no longer an easy task for any of the world’s superpowers. So prior to leverage that specific bill against the Saudi Arabia, that makes Saudi Arabia a culprit for the 9/11 attacks, the government of the United States, must understand that Saudi Arabia will not take much time to bring a shift to its foreign policy regarding the United States. China and Russia seem to be in line to replace the United States when it comes to influencing the Gulf region.

The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia and his stance over it

Foreign Minister Adel- Al Jubeir has clearly stated that the Saudi Arabia had not ever threatened the United States to withdraw its investments following the United State’s move of coming up with the new law of 9/11, that will put all the blame on the Saudi Arabia to contribute in making that 9/11 attack happen. He also mentioned that he was actually talking about the hazardous outcomes of that specific bill, which happens to authorize the victims of the 9/11 attacks to come up with the compensation claims against Saudi Arabia and all he stated was that it will definitely affect the investors’ confidence. This statement took in an extremely wrong way by the United States and that is why he had to mention that Saudi Arabia does not use the monetary policies of energy for political purposes and as Saudi Arabia invest so it becomes investors and as it sells out oil so it become traders. So having noticed about all the outcomes of bringing up that bill against the Saudi Arabia, the government of the United States should rethink about that, because that will also affect all the peace process to bring stability in the Gulf region.