Redefined priorities, swift decision-making inevitable for development: President

President Dr Arif Alvi has said that the redefined priorities and swift decision-making were inevitable to make Pakistan join the bandwagon of the fast-developing world.

The president, addressing the 3rd LCCI IT Excellence Recognition Ceremony in Islamabad on Tuesday said that the creation of talent and investment in human capital is the fastest route to achieve progress. It was organised by the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industries, which marked the distribution of awards among the excelling IT startups and companies.

The president, impressed by the remarkable progress of artificial intelligence, also shared with the audience a comprehensive presentation on exponential growth in AI prepared by ChatGPT within just six minutes which otherwise could take days or even weeks. He said information technology was the only sector in which Pakistan could achieve excellence by investing in human capital as in the modern era, the human intellect was far more important than natural resources.He said the establishment of IT industry took considerably lesser time than establishing a brick-and-mortar industrial unit.

Exemplifying the process of genome sequencing, the president said IT sector provided exponential growth, thus creating numerous opportunities to excel.

He said, on the one hand, the world felt scared of tremendous progress made AI and was thinking to decelerate its pace, but on the other hand, Pakistan has not yet joined that bandwagon which needed to be given serious thought.

President Alvi said that based on the fast pace of AI, one could predict that the AI would write software by itself and also achieve the capability to read human minds within the next 10 years.

Recalling his efforts to promote artificial intelligence and quantum computing in Pakistan, the president said the country needed more inspiration and creating talent.

Source: Radio Pakistan