Preservation and Promotion of Multilingualism in the Country would Forge Harmony and Unity Among All the Communities: Says National Assembly Speaker

Islamabad: Dr. Fehmida Mirza, Speaker, National Assembly has stressed the need for taking measures for preserving and promotion multilingualism in the country. She said that respect for all the regional languages will promote harmony, unity, brotherhood and solidarity among the cultural communities inhabiting all the federating units. She said that in her message on the International Mother Language Day being commemorated under the auspices of United Nations Tomorrow.

She said that this day serves us an opportunity to recognize the significance of the mother tongue, the language in which a child communicates in, with his parents and siblings. The day aims to promote awareness regarding preservation of mother tongue when a lot of people speak other languages due to their social necessities.

She said that mother tongue represents the thoughts, culture and heritage of an individual; therefore, the diverse languages should be preserved and promoted in order to create harmony amongst all the cultural communities.

The Speaker said that Pakistan characterizes a rich linguistic and cultural diversity which needs to be promoted and preserved in order to acquire the harmonious and fruitful coexistence of diverse languages spoken in the country.

She stressed for incorporation of all the regional languages in formal and informal education systems in vogue. She also called for initiation of measures to give rightful status and importance to all the languages spoken in the country.

She appreciated the efforts of United Nations specially the UNESCO for pursuing the multilingualism as a means of promoting, protecting and preserving diversity of languages and cultures globally. She called upon the government and international organizations, civil society, educational institutions and the private sector to join hands to ensure that this respect for diversity is translated into the language of peace and an understanding of universal values we all share to realize a better world.

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