Pre-monsoon storms hit India, Sri Lanka

Northeastern and northwestern parts of the region experience very severe thunderstorms at this time of the year.

Everyone knows that the monsoon rains arrive in South Asia in May and June. But what happens before the monsoon properly sets in is less well known.

This is the time of year when northeastern and northwestern parts of the region experience severe thunderstorms.

In northwestern India, these may be accompanied by dust storms, while Bangladesh and the eastern states of India are on the receiving end of thunderstorms and even deadly tornadoes.

This year, these storms seem to have been worse than usual, particularly in northwestern India, hitting many parts of Rajasthan and spreading as far east as Uttar Pradesh.

The bulk of Kolkata's rain falls between June and September during the southwesterly monsoon. Heavy rain in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The southwesterly monsoon has already arrived.

Delhi has been hit by strong winds, poor visibility and heavy rain in recent weeks. Gusts over 100 km/h have been reported in the Indian capital and surrounding areas.

Many of the storms have been accompanied by dust blowing in from the That desert to the west.

The growing heat, moisture from the Arabian Sea and low-pressure systems combine to bring turbulent weather conditions at this time of the year.

Source: Radio Pakistan