Power Shut Down

Islamabad: According to IESCO Spokesman, Due to electricity maintenance/development work the Power supply of the areas fall under the following feeders would remain suspended as under:-

Tuesday 20 December Morning 9am to 2pm, 4th Road feeder, Said Pur, B-Block, D-Block, Comm. Center, Dk Hayat, Sadiqabad feeder, Dk. Babu Irfan, Shamas Abad, Muslim Town, Afandi Colony, Airport H.Society feeder, Airport Society Dk Anwar, Morning 8:30am to 2:30pm, Chaklala feeder, MSF feeder, Park View feeder, Morning 9am to 1pm, Gulberg feeder, Mureed feeder, Miani feeder, M. Mughlan feeder, Raman feeder, Daultala feeder, Bhall feeder, Talagang city feeder, Kot sarang feeder, Lawa feeder, Wanhar feeder, Hasal feeder, Katas feeder, Morning 8am to 12pm, Shadi Khan feeder, Shadi Khan, Wasia, Morning 7am to 11pm, Industrial feeder, Pirwadhai feeder, Mangtal feeder, Hali Road feeder, B/Sardaran feeder, DM Textile Mill feeder, Quaid Abad feeder, Race Course feeder, Askari-II feeder, AFIRM feeder, Muslim Abad feeder, I-10/1 feeder, Gulshan Abad feeder, Iqbal Road feeder. Wednesday 21 December Morning 9am to 2pm, Eid Gah feeder, Eid Gah Mohallah, Mohallah Raja Sultan, Imam Bara Mohallah, Service Road feeder, Service Road, Dhoke Chaudhrian, Dhoke Anwar, Askari-VII feeder, Askari-VII, Hamayou Road feeder Hamayou Road, Angoree feeder, BaraKhu feeder, Chattar, Satramile, Angori, Sailkatar, Bahrakhu bazar, Samli Dam Road, Mohallah Syden, Samli Behra Mall, Judicial town, Chakka Baghwal, Morning 8:30am to 12:30pm, Rehmatabad-II feeder, F.Foundation Hospital feeder, Kashmir Road feeder, Morning 9am to 3pm, Puran feeder, Wapda Colony, Khambi, Mahe Kalam, Naryal, Morning 9am to 1pm, Sarpak feeder, Bhoun, Behkri feeder, Munara feeder, Dhoda feeder, Sukho feeder, Adhi feeder, C.B.Khan feeder, Dharabi feeder, Jhatla feeder, Dhurnakka feeder, Multan Khurd feeder, Balkassar feeder, P.D. Khan feeder, Ahmedabad feeder, Maj. Riaz feeder, Rawal feeder, Basharat feeder, Morning 8am to 12pm, Hattian feeder, Jatial, Sydin, Hattian,.

For more information, contact:
Islamabad Electric Supply Company
IESCO Head Office St, 40
Sector G-7/4 Islamabad
Tel: 051-9252937, 9252938, 9252939,
Fax: 051-9252927

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