Petroleum Ministry clarifies claims made by LPG association

Islamabad: Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources clarifies that claims made by LPG association are not based on facts. It is the reaction of those who have thrived on LPG quota system thereby fleecing the general public by charging very high prices.

In fact the group has not let the competition in the business grow which has resulted in cartelization. As a matter of fact, by mere announcement of the new LPG policy by Government, the prices of household cylinder dropped by 56 rupees per cylinder.

The new LPG policy is based on the principle of parity of price for local and imported LPG. This has taken away the market manipulation power of local LPG mafia. The ultimate benefit of this price parity will go to general public who will not the hostage to the monopoly of local LPG mafia. Companies with import based business will be very competitive thus saving the general public from clutches of LPG cartels.

Government has intervened at a right time to takeover Pro-Gas terminal and has saved it from falling into the hands of a particular group.

With the given gas shortage issues, government is striving to promote LPG as an alternate fuel and this can best be achieved through extensive network of SSGC and SNGPL. LPG business will be run by subsidiary of these companies on professional lines. It is hoped that these steps will further curtail the manipulation power of LPG mafia.

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