Pakistan needs to adopt latest technology to enhance agricultural production: President

President Dr. Arif Alvi has said that Pakistan needs to adopt latest technology to enhance agricultural production to counter the effects of climate change.

He was addressing the Youth Forum of Kazakhstan, Turkiye and Pakistan on Bio Technology in Islamabad on Tuesday. He said we will have to work on food security keeping in view the climate change.

He said Pakistan's production of food grains is half as compared to the production of other countries. He said it is inevitable to enhance agricultural production by using latest technology.

The President said the Muslim Ummah will have to change its mind-set by keeping in mind the changes taking place in the world.

President Dr Arif Alvi stressed the need for ethical and morality-based research and development in agriculture and egalitarian distribution of its benefits to provide food security to the entire world without discrimination between rich and poor countries.

He urged the Muslim world to take intellect-driven right decisions at right time for their people.

He argued that the Muslim world should be the first to adopt and generate new knowledge and bring innovation in every sector to cater needs of coming generations.

Source: Radio Pakistan