Pakistan is a safe heaven for investors seeking sustainability and profit

Islamabad: Pakistan is potentially a $30 trillion resource endowed economy estimated at the current market prices, without any value additions which is roughly double the size of US GDP. If Pakistanis are able to achieve value added entrepreneurial knowledge, innovation, interactive marketing skills and best practices which our Singaporean friends have achieved, Pakistan could become easily among world’s top global economies from the current ranking of 25th in the world.

High Commissioner of Pakistan Syed Hasan Javed said while addressing the students and faculty of Wee Kim Wee Centre of School of Business of Singapore Management University at a luncheon talk on “Rising Pakistan: Opportunities for Singapore”, says a press release received here today from Singapore.

He informed the audience that Pakistan provides a safe haven for investors seeking sustainable and profitable destination for diversifying their portfolio. Pakistan’s investment policy allows for 100 percent repatriation of equity and profits. Nature has bestowed Pakistan with great advantages of regional connectivity, resource endowments and soft power strengths.

These elements can be used to build a sustainable, profitable and strategic partnership, in line with the vision of the leadership and in accordance with long term interest of the future generations of the two countries. The world is transforming at an extraordinary pace. All nations, societies and individuals have to keep pace with these changes which are fuelled by the forces of demography, technology, soft power and economy.

High Commissioner mentioned that Pakistan has 700 multi – national corporations (MNCs), out of which includes more than 200 from People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong SAR. He termed Pakistan and ASEAN, as two pillars of Asia’s stability and prosperity.
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