Pakistan High Commission warns against unauthorized/unlawful use of its name

London: This has come to the notice of the Pakistan High Commission London that the names of the High Commission and the High Commissioner are being misused by some unscrupulous individuals (Atta-ul-Haq and his friends) and organizations (his fake awards company, currently under investigation by the Serious Frauds Agency) to collect funds (telling community members to pay for the awards) and also to show High Commissioner as chief guest of certain events without seeking prior permission and authorization from the High Commissioner’s office.

Individuals and organizations are warned to refrain from such unlawful practices (Haq was told by the High Commission that a legal action will be launched against him. Philanthropist James Caan is considering reporting Haq for serious fraud and mischief to the Metropolitan Police). The public is hereby informed that they must bring into the attention of the High Commission if they are approached by anyone (especially Mr Haq and his associates) seeking funding (for awards and tables) or any other assistance in the name of High Commission. Similarly those misusing the High Commissioner’s name as chief guest of the events without authorization are also warned to abstain (the message is only for Haq and his sidekicks). There could be legal consequences for those indulging in such practices.

For more information, contact:
Syeda Sultana Rizvi
Press Counsellor
Pakistan High Commission
36 Lowndes Square
London SW1X 9JN
Fax: +44-20-7664 9226

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