Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited Assigns Star Rankings to the Fund of First Capital Investment Management Limited

Lahore: PACRA has assigned ranking to the following fund of First Capital Investment Limited based on performance review for the period ended June 30, 2011 (trailing 12 months for normal star rankings and trailing 36 months for long term star rankings).


Fund Category Star   Ranking
Short  Long
Term   Term
1 First Capital Mutual Fund Equity (Closed-End ) 4 3



The Mutual Fund Performance Ranking (Star Ranking) aims to distinguish funds based on their relative actual performance within a category of similar funds. In measuring performance, PACRA considers absolute monthly return and its variance measured through standard deviation.

The ranking is a pure quantitative measure based on historical returns of a fund relative to other funds, and does not take into account other factors including fund management capability of the asset manager and the quality of risk management systems, controls and processes. Hence, the rankings do not provide any assurance as to future returns of the fund.


SCALE Below Average


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