Pakistan and India to Clash in Blockbuster Mixed Martial Arts Event in Dubai

Pakistan's elite mixed martial artists are set to compete against their Indian counterparts in the 'Karate Combat 45' event in Dubai on April 20. Karate Combat, one of the world's premier full-contact karate league, was thrilled to announce an exhilarating night of martial arts excellence with its debut event in Dubai which will be hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, Ultimate Fighting Championship legend George St Pierre, and content creator, Mike Majlak. The fight night will start with the 'Pit Submission' series featuring Craig Jones and Andre Muniz. The spectators will then experience an age-old rivalry between Pakistan and India ignited with an explosive 3 vs 3 team fight captained by Shahzaib Rind (Pakistan) and Rana Singh (India). Pakistan's team includes Shahzaib Rind, Uloomi Karim and Rizwan Ali while India's squad consists of Rana Singh, Himanshu Kaushik and Pawan Gupta. The event can prove to be a much-needed opportunity for the Pakistani fighters, who'll have the chance to network with biggies of various professions. They'll get to meet Bollywood's Salman, UFC's George St Pierre and Luke Rockhold (who fights in the main event), as well as Logan Paul's podcast partner Mike Majlak. The Pakistani MMA practitioners have the opportunity to woo the world-renowned professionals and enhance their career in the near future. Source: ProPakistani