Pak Army Sets World Record by Deploying Tanks at 12,000 Feet Above Sea Level

Pak Army has again proved that it is among the best armed forces in the world.

It has made a world record by deploying tanks on the highest elevation level of 12,000 feet above sea level. This is the feat that has remained unaccomplished otherwise.

The deployment has come as part of the Pak Army's strategy in the war against the terrorists. The step has been undertaken by the armored regiment of Pakistan Armored Corps.

The tanks made their way to Brekh Muhammad Kandao Pass, a part of the Koh-e-Safed, which is 3,176 meters above the sea level and is opposite to Torra Bora mountains of Afghanistan's Nangarhar province. The deployment of tanks at such a high level is an attempt to ensure the nation's safety.

Source: Pro Pakistan