National Asset Management Company Limited’s Notice of Book Closure – Namco Income Fund

Karachi: Enclosed please find a copy of the novice of Bock Closure of NAMCO Income Fund (managed by National Asset Management Company Limited) (NAMCO) for circulation amongst your member.

Notice of Book Closure

Unit Holders of NAMCO Income Fund (NIF) managed by National Asset Management Company Limited are hereby informed that the Register of Unit Holders of NIF will remain closed from 29th October 2011 to 31st October 2011 (both days inclusive), for determining the entitlement of interim dividend, if arty, approved by the Board of Directors of National Asset Management Company Limited,

Unit Holders whose names appear in the Register of NIF as at the close of business on 28th October 2011 will be entitled to interim dividend, if any, as approved by the Board.

Unit Holders are requested to notify the change of address, if any, to the Company’s Register, Messrs. Technology Trade (Pvt,) Limited, Dagia House, 241-C, Block-2, P.E.C.H.S Karachi.

For more information, contact:
National Asset Management Company Limited
19-C, Sunset Lane 6, South Park Avenue,
Phase II Extension,
Defense Housing Authority (D.H.A.),
Tel: +9221 531 2416 -419
Fax: +9221 539 5924

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