Mobilink Marks Yet Another Social Milestone with the Galaxy 10.1 Meetab

Karachi October 06, 2011:

Mobilink has always shown interest in socializing with the digital audience and in that spirit, it organized a meetup for the bloggers in Islamabad to preview the new Samsung Galax 10.1 called the ‘Meetab’

The Meetab, attended by over 50 bloggers from Islamabad, was a fun-packed social gathering with interesting talks on the impact of social media, the new jazz bananas and features of the new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab, the first ever dual-core smart tablet to hit Pakistan.

The bloggers also took part in various activities such as a quiz, a space invaders game and the most interesting of all – The Tweetathon. The Tweetathon was an activity where bloggers had to generate maximum number of mentions with the hashtag #Meetab in a limited frame of time. Ehtisham Khan won the Tweetathon by generating over 200+ tweets and won the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab.

Mobilink, in its true spirit to promote innovation, will continue the tradition of having various blogger meetups around various parts of Pakistan in the future.

Saad Hamid
Digital Media Executive

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