Karachi Target Killings: Supreme Court issues notices to Attorney General

Islamabad: Supreme Court of Pakistan issued notices to Attorney General for Pakistan to appear and submit a comprehensive report about the incidents which have been taking place in Karachi for the last more than one month. Further, Supreme Court has directed Chief Secretary and PPO Sindh through Advocate General Sindh to submit details of the incidents. President, Supreme Court Bar Association as well as President Sindh High Court Bar Association have also been issued notices to appear and assist the Court on 26.08.2011 (Friday).

A five member Special Bench headed by Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and comprising on other Hon’ble Judges namely Mr. Justice Shakirullah Jan, Mr. Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, Mr. Justice Tariq Parvez and Mr. Justice Ghulam Rabbani has also been constituted to hear the case.

The notice was taken on a statement of Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri which appeared in a section of media calling for action on Karachi situation. Upon which, the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan passed the following order:-

“Put up a detailed note with the support of News Items published in different Newspapers. In the meantime CDs/DVD from different Channels be also collected. Put up on 24.08.2011”.

CDs/DVD were received from different channels and office submitted a detailed note that Common problems, (pointed out in the attached copies of press clipping of Al-Akhbar, Daily Express, News, Nawa-i-Waqt, Jang, Daily Times, Frontier Post, Nation, Sahafat, Aaj ki Awaz and CDs/DVDs provided by Express, GEO, SAMA, PTV, AAJ, Dunya and Dawn News Channels) presently being faced by the residents of Karachi, are that their lives and properties are not safe; frequent killings of innocent citizens have made their lives miserable; the citizens are being abducted for ransom; beheaded dead bodies with tied arms and legs of the innocents wrapped in sacs are being recovered in large numbers daily; street crime is in abundance; different groups are involved in target killings; the police and rangers are watching merely as spectators; and the top government functionaries are callously viewing the situation with no inclination to maintain the writ of the State.

Different views have been expressed by the observers, analysts and anchormen about causes of this catastrophe. One view is that different groups like MQM, PPP and ANP in order to establish their hegemony, have restored to clashes and target killings; another view attributes interference of foreign powers like America, Israel and India to the creation of this tragic situation; some say that it is due to terrorism; according to some the situation is aggravating due to ethnic and sectarian problems; some of them think that Karachi being hub of economic, social, political and cultural activities is under fire because the enemies of Pakistan want to prove that Pakistan is a failed State inspite of being a nuclear power.

Recovery of large number of dead bodies daily; the frequency of the street crime; and brutality and heinousness of the offences; passivity of government functionaries; gangs involved in money extortion; nefarious and bloody activities of land mafia and drug mafia, damage to valuable properties of the citizens; and shifting of capital from Pakistan to Malaysia and Bangladesh (as reported in some clippings), transfer of dead bodies from Karachi to the places of their origins in different parts of the country causing stir and harassment in the minds of people of such areas, provide substantial evidence that Karachi has reached the verge of destruction causing threat to the very stability of Pakistan.

The people are praying to the HCJ to take Suo Moto Notice of this situation. After going through the office note, the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan
has been pleased to pass the following order:-

“I have gone through above noted facts, reported in the print/flashed in the electronic media, perusal whereof presents a bleak/dismal picture of bloodshed, arson, kidnapping/abduction for ransom, widespread violence, illegal collection of money (Bhatta) from traders, which prima facie are violative of Article 9, 14, 15, 18 and 24 of the Constitution. Prima facie, the Executive has failed to protect the life, liberty, dignity, property and freedom of the general public, as its manifested in the above note/reports.

Therefore, let this note be converted into petition under Article 184(3) of the Constitution. Notice be issued to learned Attorney General for Pakistan to appear and submit a comprehensive report about the above incidents, which have been taking place in Karachi for the last more than one month. The report should be based on the material to substantiate the same, which should be collected from the Federal and Provincial law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The Chief Secretary and PPO of the Province of Sindh are directed through Advocate General to submit details of the incidents in view of the facts noted hereinabove in the office note. They should also provide the number of persons who have been killed/injured in these incidents for the last one month. They should also place on record copies of the daily situation reports duly prepared by the concerned police officers for the perusal of PPO and the Chief Secretary.

The FIR and other material be also filed in order to assess violation of the fundamental rights of the citizens noted hereinabove. Notices be also issued to President, Supreme Court Bar Association as well as President, Sindh High Court Bar Association to appear and assist the Court.

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