Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited releases region

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has asked the non paying consumers to pay their bills and participate in minimizing electricity theft in their respective areas before they forcefully demand restoration of power supply from PMTs which have been rendered offline due to overloading and stealing.

KESC said the industrial, residential and commercial consumers across the utility’s coverage zone owed billons of rupees of outstanding electricity bills. At the same time, electricity theft was rampant in many parts of the City not only depriving the utility of its legal and rightful revenue but also causing the connected PMTs to burn quite frequently.

While releasing factsheet on Region No. 3 of the coverage zone, KESC said that over Rs. 5.081 billion had been outstanding against the consumers connected to 1168 overloaded PMTs, which burst out a number of times and had been repaired or replaced subsequently. While KESC loses billion already on account of theft and non-payment of bills, these frequent burning outs of transformers is an yet another hefty cost and makes no financial sense at all. Ironically, residents of these areas resort to violence against KESC people and property in order to get the defective transformer replaced.

Residents of these areas should realize their responsibilities before talking about their rights as majority of them have enjoyed free electricity for years. KESC has made it very clear now that it would not replace burnt out transformers of areas that are chronic in terms of theft and non-payment of bills. Areas demonstrating poor customer behaviour have no right to expect good quality service from KESC.

KESC has to spend billions of rupees every month for generating, transmitting and distributing electricity to over 20 million customers of Karachi and it is not viable to keep supplying electricity to areas where electricity theft is very high and bill payment is very low.

According to the town wise breakup, the number of overloaded and theft-ridden PMTs in Korangi Town, 387, stood on top in the whole region. There were also 382 such PMTs in Gulistan-e-Johar, 139 PMTs in Landhi, 135 PMTs in Shah Faisal Town and 125 PMTs in Korangi Industrial Model Zone (KIMZ). The consumers getting supply from these PMTs had yet to pay accumulated bills of Rs. 5,081,887,478. The non payers and electricity thieves included industrial units, commercial and residential consumers and even educational, religious and entertainment institutions.

KESC said that the non paying consumers and those also involved in electricity theft had already lost their customer value and moral grounds to demand restoration of power supply. Notwithstanding that, certain power users daringly staged protest demonstrations and even attacked KESC employees and assets to register their demand for power supply, and protest for delay in repair, forgetting the huge unpaid bill amount against them and the burden of huge quantum of stolen electricity with their involvement. In the recent days, there had been very violent attacks on KESC offices by such power users.

While vehemently condemning these attacks and protests, KESC urged upon the society in general and the saner elements in particular, pertinently media, social and political organizations, to focus on the issues of non-payment of bills and stealing of electricity while highlighting the demands and protests from those involved. KESC reiterated the fact that load shedding could come to zero or minimum if all power consumers paid their bills and theft came down to single digit percentage which is alarmingly high as of now.

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