Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited Continuing operations in Korangi Despite precarious law and order situation

Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has drawn the attention of the authorities concerned towards the worsening law and order situation in Korangi which is making it making it difficult for the utility company to carry out repair and maintenance in the area. The company’s operations have been badly affected due to security reasons ensuing from the law and order situation.

In Korangi area, KESC staff could not operate from the local area offices of Zaman town centre, and other local area offices, since the maintenance trucks and crew could not reach the service centres. This has led to a situation where KESC’s complaint resolution is also being badly affected due to this reason.

Due to the worsening law and order situation in the area, KESC has been operating with skeleton staff, although it is trying its best to cope with the situation, given the circumstances brought about by the security threat in the area. Ground teams of the utility are trying to work their way through the precarious situation, but security of the company’s staff is of paramount importance and KESC will not compromise on it.

Meanwhile in Lyari, yesterday, when the KESC team was working on multiple faults in the area certain unscrupulous elements of the area got around and surrounded the KESC ground staff working and also pelted stones on the Lyari Grid station.

Eventually at around 4:00 p.m. they took the KESC ground staff hostage on Aatma Ram Road and demanded that the team should ignore its scheduled work route and instead work on their PMT’s fault first and till the time they agree do so, they will not let them out of their siege.

This is yet another example of the type of dangerous working conditions KESC’s diligent staff had to go through almost on a daily basis. What adds to the gravity of the situation is the total absence of security cover and law and order which makes it very dangerous for the staff to operate and the staff of KESC teams are left with no other option but to deal with such hazardous elements on their own.

Spot checking of KESC ground staff
KESC has initiated a spot checking drive of its own ground staff, in order to check and ensure that they are complying with the safety standards and rules. The KESC management has devised surprise administrative actions to discourage unsafe working habits so as to inculcate a culture of safety which is basically meant to benefit the ground staff.

KESC has further indicated that during the spot checking drive if the workers are found not to be adequately protected as per procedure, then the work will be immediately put to a halt, till all safety precautions and procedures are adhered to.

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