Husein Industries Limited’s application for grant of 30 days extension in the period for holding annual general meeting

Karachi: Respectfully the Commission is requested to grant the company 30 days extension i.e. up to 30-11-2011 in the period for holding the Annual General Meeting for the purpose of laying before it (AGM) the annual audited accounts of the Company for the year ended 30th June 2011.

2. Particulars are as under:

(I) Company registration No.0001683

(II) Last Annual General Meeting was held on 10-02-2011 before which were laid the audited Profit and Loss Account for the year ended 30-06-2011 and Balance Sheet as on that date.

(III) The date upto which the Annual General Meeting is required to be held under the rules is 31st October, 2011.

3. The extension is sought under proviso to Sub-Section (I) of section 158 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984.

4. The special reason which has compelled the company to seek extension is given below:

The Books of Accounts are not ready due to the unprecedented mobility of staff and senior executives in the Accounts and Costing Departments of our company, unexpected heavy rain and law order situation in Karachi specially in Landhi where the Industrial Unit of the Company and
Corporate Office are situated due to the presence of ethnic groups where free movement of public was not possible in last quarter of the financial year and, arrival of Ramadan led to delay in finalization of the Accounts and consequently the audit thereof. It took a great deal of time to restart the work.

5. In view of the position explained above, the commission is requested to grant the Company 30 days extension i.e. up to 30-11-2011 in the period for holding its Annual General Meeting to enable it to lay before it (AGM) the audited accounts of the company for the year ended 30th June, 2011.

For more information, contact:
M. Anwar Kaludi
Company Secretary
Husein Industries Limited
HT-8, Landhi Industrial and Trading Estate,
Karachi75120, Pakistan
Tel: (92-21) 35000011-14,
Fax: (92-21) 35018545

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