Huawei launches 2011 Broadband Forum and Road Show in Islamabad

Islamabad: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has announced that it will be embarking on a one-year road show across the region to demonstrate its capabilities in providing advanced end-to-end solutions for mobile and fixed broadband services.

The road show, together with “2011 Huawei Broadband Forum”, was inaugurated in Islamabad, Pakistan, under the honourable patronage of Dr. Mohammad Yaseen, Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The road show will open for a week, as a dedicated team of Huawei executives, experts and technical support staff come together to host an unforgettable broadband experience to key stakeholders and partners in the country.

Broadband is widely regarded as a key indicator of national competitiveness and economic development. According to estimates, a 10% increase in broadband penetration translates into 1.3% GDP growth.

With an ongoing commitment to enriching people’s life and enhancing broadband development, Huawei has invested considerable resources and works closely with its partners to bring the most cost-effective, cutting-edge products and solutions to people in Pakistan. The road show—held under the theme of “Smarter Network for Better Life”—serves as an important part of the company’s efforts to lead broadband forward.

“By providing a hands-on experience of new mobile and fixed broadband services, the road show will offer a glimpse into Huawei’s vision for highly-efficient and flexible next- generation technology. These innovations will ultimately bring down operator costs and provide a better experience for the region’s consumers,” said Leo Xu, Vice President of Middle East Region, Huawei.

The live on-site demonstrations will enable customers to experience new Huawei For immediate release innovations for wireless including HSPA+, LTE FDD and TDD, WiMAX and Single RAN technologies. As the number of mobile broadband users in particular continues to climb in the country, Huawei believes that subscribers will increasingly look for low tariffs with unlimited high-speed access while operators will require network capabilities that allow them to accommodate the expansion pressures of mobile broadband.

During the road show, Huawei will also present case studies of how it’s Single Backbone, Single FAN and Single Metro solutions can be optimized to address the needs of operators across the region as traffic is increasingly dominated by services such as IPTV, HDTV and teleconferencing.

“Huawei’s Single Strategy approach can help operators improve the capability of service integration, value-chain controlling and profitability. As we work together with our partners to monitor and maintain these networks, we look forward to sharing the benefits of these new technologies with consumers hungry for higher broadband speeds and more relevant value-added services,” added Leo.

In assisting operators to reduce network costs and increase ARPU (Annual Revenue Per User), the Huawei team will be revealing further updates to the company’s end-to- end cloud computing solutions, including cloud data centre solutions and cloud-based applications. With these comprehensive offerings, Huawei is poised to provide strong support to the ICT industry in Pakistan.

Huawei Pakistan was first established in 1999 and through years of customer-centric innovation and partnership, the company has established a strong network with key operators in the country. To date, Huawei Pakistan has more than 800 employees—76% of whom are local hires.

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