Gatron (Industries) Limited’s corrigendum for notice of 31st AGM

Karachi: We are enclosing herewith photocopy copy of the clipping of the “Jhang” Newspaper dated October 01, 2011 in which corrigendum is published for the time of 31 Annual General Meeting of the Company to be hold on Monday, October 24, 2011 at 11:30 a.m., at Sereena Hotel, Quetta. The time was inadvertently not mentioned by the Jhang Newspaper Agency, in their issues, published on September 27, 2011. Please note that proper time was mentioned in “The News” in the English language newspaper.

For more information, contact:
Muhammad Yasin Bilwani
Company Secretary
Gatron (Industries) Limited
Plot No. M-2, Sec. ‘M’,
H.I.T.E., Main R.C.D. Highway,
Hub Chowki, Distt. Lasbella,
Balochistan, Pakistan.
Tel: 0853 – 302337
Fax: 0853 – 302600

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