First operation of Algerian products export by land to Mauritania launched

Algiers Algeria's Trade Minister Said Djellab launched in Algiers on Wednesday the first operation for the export of 400 tons of Algerian products by land to Mauritania's capital Nouakchott.

The operation included 24 trucks loaded with 220 tons of agricultural products, 40 tons of home appliances, 120 tons of food products and 20 tons of health products expected to arrive in Nouakchott within 10 days.

Djellab stated that a large operation of construction material export (120 trucks) will set off from Tamanrasset State towards Niger before the end of 2018. He stressed that the dynamics of export in Algeria has become a reality, thanks to concerted efforts and administrative coordination among ministries.

The minister revealed that another export operation for Algerian products would be programmed for Nouakchott (Mauritania) and Dakar (Senegal) within the next 15 days.

Meanwhile, Djellab underscored that 2018 has seen the process of promoting Algeria's products, which have met the satisfaction of the countries that hosted exhibitions of Algerian products. In the same context, he noted that his ministry conducted a study on the National Strategy for Diversifying Algeria's Exports (2019-2023), which is currently in its final stage.

Source: International Islamic News Agency