Factsheet on region 4: 1759 PMTs overloaded, Theft-Ridden: Rs. 8.77 Billion outstanding

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has released detail of overloaded and theft-ridden PMTs in Region No. 4 where 1759 PMTs have been subjected to huge electricity theft resulting in frequent burning out while over Rs. 8.77 billion are outstanding against the connected non-paying consumers.

According to detail, Surjani Town stands on top, having maximum number of such PMTs, that is, 352. In North Karachi, heavy theft has been recorded at 332 PMTs In Nazimabad, overloading by theft has been recorded at 274 PMTs Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town has 267 such PMTs, Federal B. Area 243 PMTs, North Nazimabad 187 PMTs and Liaquatabad 104 PMTs Bill payment ratio is also very low at these PMTs

Non-paying consumers of Region No. 4 linked to the chronically theft oriented and low recovery PMTs owe an accumulative amount of Rs. 8,774,814,479 to KESC. Average outstanding amount against each PMT is estimated to be around Rs. 5 million.

These PMTs had been facing extra load because of illegal use of electricity by the connected consumers which the transformers were not capable of supplying. The overloading had been causing burning out of the PMTs time and again. On the other hand, non-payment of power bills worth billions of rupees had rendered the utility short of cash flow that blocked regular maintenance, as KESC had to invest huge funds into repair and replacement of these PMTs

KESC said that the illegal use of electricity had to stop somewhere. The illegal consumers needed to understand that KESC would not be supplying free of cost power any more. Also, such PMTs would not receive priority in maintenance work from now on.

KESC condemned a recent trend of carrying out violent attacks on the utility’s offices on the part of such consumers who had huge outstanding amount of unpaid bills against their connections and most of them were also involved in power theft. KESC asked the residents of areas demonstrating poor customer behaviour to start paying their bills and bring down the power theft to minimum in case they desire to receive quality service equal to that provided to genuine customers who pay their bills and do not indulge in stealing electricity. The consumers needed to make their choice: either they stop illegal use of electricity once and for all and pay their bills on time; otherwise KESC would be constrained to stop supplying electricity to such locations.

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