European Union supports training course for Pakistani officials

Islamabad: A two day training course on “Trade in Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan started on 06 March 2012 at Pakistan Institute of Trade and Development (PITAD) under the European Union-funded Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA II) programme,”.

The training course is jointly organized by PITAD and the International Trade Centre (ITC) with technical support from the Switzerland-based World Trade Institute (WTI). The purpose of the training course is to build the capacity of government officers and researchers from federal government ministries, implementing agencies, provincial departments and research organizations regarding the importance of trade in agriculture.

In particular, the training focuses on the domestic conditions affecting agriculture productivity, impact of liberalization on international trade in agriculture, food security, agriculture trade statistics, organic food, and genetically modified organisms (GMO), among other topics.

Particular attention will be given to investment related issues and multilateral negotiations in agriculture. The training provides an opportunity for the participants to identify the areas where they can contribute to the domestic regulatory reforms as well as bilateral and multilateral negotiations in the agriculture sector. Thirty five officers and researchers from various ministries, research organizations and provincial departments are participating in the training course.

The training is delivered by a master trainer from the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Mr. Nauman Aslam, and is supported by his mentor Dr. Christian Haeberli from WTI through video conference. Necessary equipment has been provided to PITAD under the TRTA II programme to webcast the training to provide a low-cost and easily accessible capacity building opportunity to the interested stakeholders.

The training has been organized under the ITC implemented Trade Policy Capacity Building component of the TRTA II programme. A main aspect of this component is to build of capacity of government officials working in various ministries and departments on trade policy and negotiations. For this purpose a partnership agreement was facilitated between PITAD and WTI for the institutional capacity building of local training and research institutes and the training of a number of master trainers. In turn, these master trainers are called upon to further disseminate their knowledge gained to policy makers working in various ministries through such short trainings as well as PITAD’s regular curriculum. Through the approach the programme aims to ensure both sustainability (through building local capacity) and excellence in trade policy training to government officials. In the recent months two trainings on regional integration and trade policy formulation and analysis were conducted under the programme.

The TRTA II programme is implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in association with International Trade Centre (ITC) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Further information on the programme can be obtained at:

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