Engro Corporation Limited’s material information

Karachi: As required by the material information disclosure provisions of the Listing Rules, we would like to inform you that the gas supply to the new fertilizer plant of our 100% owned subsidiary, Engro

Fertilizers Limited, has been suspended by SNGPL on the ground that the gas demand/supply position and their transmission pack has deteriorated as a consequence of reduction in supplies from Qadirpur gas field on account of its performance test, start of ATA of Dakhni field and reduction of supplies from some other major sources. The Company has increased the prices of its urea fertilizer by Rs. 174 per bag (excluding GST) to offset the impact of the losses caused due to gas curtailments. However, the price of its urea in the local market still remains at just a little more than half the price of imported urea.

For more information, contact:
Andlaib Alavi
Vice President – Legal
and Company Secretary
Engro Corporation Limited
8th Floor, The Harbour Front Building,
HC-3, Marine Drive, Block 1, Clifton
Karachi 75600, Pakistan
Tel: 00 92 (21) 111-211-211
Fax: 00 92 (21) 35810669

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