Confrontation between Centre and Provinces over Devolution Plan for Seventeen Ministries

Islamabad: Articles have appeared across the press regarding completion of the process of devolution and in some cases, it has been alleged that the 3rd and final phase of devolution completed on June 28, 2011 has fallen short of granting complete provincial autonomy to the provinces in term of the 18th Amendments to the Constitution and abolition of the Concurrent Legislative List.

The process of devolution was overseen by an Implementation Commission, Which was a Parliamentary Body, and its recommendations have thereafter been approved by the Cabinet in letter and spirit in all the three phase. It would, therefore, be incorrect to presume that the Federal Government has not fulfilled its responsibility in abiding by the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. After approval of the Federal Cabinet, consequential actions have been taken immediately by the Federal Government in respect of recommendations of the Implementation Commission.

These news items have failed to acknowledge that the Federal Government has made a monumental move towards provincial autonomy by deleting the Concurrent Legislative List, a constitutional requirement that had been ignored by successive elected or un-elected governments. Moreover, as many as seventeen Ministries have been abolished in the Federal Government with the aim to allow the capacity of the provincial government to grow in relation to devolved subjects.

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