Comoros FM praises Muslim World League’s development work

Moroni, Comoros Comoros's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hamid Karhila has commended the development efforts carried out by the Muslim World League (MWL) in his country.

He also expressed his government's gratitude to the MWL for its initiative launched by Secretary general Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa.

Karhila said during a visit to the headquarters of the International Association for Relief, Care and Development (IARCD): The new Comorian government aims to keep this cooperation with the MWL. This would help achieve more developmental and humanitarian projects that serve the Comorian people.

Secretary general of the IARCD Abdul Aziz Sarhan said: The Muslim World League will continue to provide assistance and stand with the needy in all countries around the world.

Sarhan said that the association carried out various humanitarian, medical and relief projects in the Comoros at a cost of SR10,916,645 ($2.91 billion). These projects benefited 1,104,969 people between 2006 and 2017.

The league's contribution to the medical field totaled SR6,948,032 ($1.85 billion), which benefited 971,333 people.

The league established six educational institutes more than 30 years ago. These institutes graduated thousands of students who occupy some of the highest positions in the Republic of the Comoros.

The MWL is also building a mosque and is working on the construction of an artesian well, as well as two surface wells

Source: International Islamic News Agency