Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Companies called on Secretary Information Technology

Islamabad: CEOs Circle net, Red tone, Dancom, Telecard, Wateen, Wisecomm etc called on Federal Secretary for Information Technology and Telecom, Saeed Ahmad Khan on Saturday, August 27, 2011.

The meeting was focused on financial, legal and administrative issues. A detailed presentation covering the issues of APC for USF contributions, grey traffic in telecom sector and role of PTA in regulating the LDI’s (Long Distance and International Licensed Operators) was given by Mr. Salman Ansari on the behalf of LDI’s association.

During the discussion, CEOs of telecom companies stressed that strict adherence of Deregulation Policy of 2003 is the touchstone of the success and growth of telecom industry in Pakistan. Moreover cancellation of licenses of telecom operators and court cases of telecom operators were also discussed in the meeting.

While highlighting the importance and contributions of telecom industry in the social and economic sectors, the representatives of telecom companies suggested a way forward to resolve all the outstanding issues.

Secretary IT, Saeed Ahmad Khan reiterated that Ministry of Information Technology, its affiliated companies and departments are looking forward to amicable solution of all the issues faced by telecom operators, with in the frame work of rules and regulations. He said that we welcome guidance and suggestions from the telecom industry for settlement of all outstanding issues.

At the end Secretary IT, Saeed Ahmad Khan thanked the CEOs of telecom companies and ensured his cooperation for the amicable settlement of all the outstanding issues and concerns of LDI’s.

Member telecom Dr. Syed Ismail Shah and Director General Commercial, PTA Dr. Muhammad Saleem were also present in the meeting.

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