Change of registered office of Ghani Automobile industries Limited

Karachi: Ghani Automobile industries Limited informed Karachi Stock Exchange about the change of registered office of the company. The new address of the registered office is 274b, N Block, Model Town Extention Lahore.

Ghani Automobile Industry Limited is a public listed company incorporated in Pakistan in September, 1987. It is a company of Ghani Group. The name of the company has been changed from Ghani Textile Limited to Ghani Automobile Industries Limited with effect from March 31, 2004. The principal activity of company has been changed during year 2004 from manufacture and trade of grey cloth to manufacture, assemble and trade of Automotive Vehicles of all kinds and sorts. The shares of the company are quoted on the Stock Exchanges in Pakistan. The registered office of the company is situated at Lahore.

The manufacturing facility of the company is engaged in the manufacturing of 70 cc and 100cc motorcycle, 100cc 3 wheeler motorcycle rickshaw and 200cc water cooled CNG Rickshaws, following all International and National standard engineering practices, procedures and quality controls.

The symbol “GAIL” is being used by the stock exchanges for the shares of Ghani Automobile Industry Limited.