Benazir Income Support Programme and China to collaborate for Emergency Relief Package to tackle disastrous impacts of calamities on poor

Beijing: Federal Minister and Chairperson Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), Madame Farzana Raja during her visit to China, held a meeting with Chinese Minister of Civil Affairs Mr. Luo Pingfei here in Beijing. Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Mr. Masood Khan was also present in the meeting.

During the meeting, both the leaders discussed matters of mutual interest and bilateral relations between Pakistan and China especially that in social sector. Various components of social welfare were the prime focus of the meeting, as both BISP and Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs have the common mandate of provision of social welfare.

Madame Farzana Raja briefed Chinese Minister about the positive socio–economic impact BISP is creating in the lives of 6 millions beneficiary families belonging to down trodden segment of the society.

She said that BISP along with providing regular support to its registered families has also helped the people adversely affected by natural or manmade disasters in the form of Emergency Relief Packages.

Chairperson BISP told that Benazir Income Support Programme has provided Emergency Relief worth billions to millions of flood and earthquake affectees, and IDPs who were displaced due to war against terrorism.

She also thanked Chinese Government and people for providing more than $600 Million for support to flood affected people of Pakistan. She further said that long lasting relationship between Pakistan and China should be transferred to the coming generations.

Mr. Luo Pingfei lauded the efforts of BISP and said that both the countries should share their experiences in the field of social safety so that people from both the countries can benefit from it. He also said that the relationship between both the countries is old and solid like a rock; and there should be further collaboration in the fields of social development.

During the meeting both the leaders agreed for mutual collaboration in provision of emergency relief to the victims of any emergency so that the efforts of poverty reduction can be backed by some comprehensive approach to tackle catastrophic impacts of national disasters efficiently.

Federal Minister and Chairperson BISP Madame Farzana Raja also met Mr. Hu Xiaoyi, Chinese vice Minister of Human Resources and Social Security. She briefed minister about the various initiatives of BISP and expressed her readiness to share experiences with China. Vice Minister of Human Resources Social Security Mr. Hu Xiaoyi appreciated BISP’s achievements especially its transparency and the conduct of nationwide poverty survey.

He showed his interest in the proposal for employing the labour trained by BISP under its Waseela e Rozgar initiative in Chinese firms working in Pakistan and abroad. He also agreed to further explore the possibilities of collaboration between BISP and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security especially in the field of Social Health Insurance.

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