Bata Pakistan Limited’s extraordinary general meeting

Karachi: Kindly note that an Extraordinary Annual General Meeting of Bata Pakistan Limited (BATA) is scheduled to be held on September 20, 2011 for election of the Directors of the Company.

The share transfer books of the Company shall remained closed from 14th to 20th September, 2011 for the purpose of the EGM. A copy of the notice of the said meeting is enclosed herewith. Kindly grant your approval to hold the meeting on the said date.

Notice of Extraordinary General Melting

Notice is hereby given that an Extraordinary General Meeting of Bata Pakistan Limited will be held at the Registered Office of the Company at Batapur, District Lahore on 20th September, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. to transact the following business.

1. To confirm the minutes of the 59th Annual General Meeting held on 21st April, 2011.

2. To elect 10 (ten) Directors as fixed by the Board of Directors for a period of three years commencing from 25th September, 2011, in accordance with Section 178 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984.

The name of the retiring Directors are:

(1) Mr. Fernando Garcia
(2) Mr. Muhammad Imran Malik
(3) Mr. M. G. Middleton
(4) Mr. Carlos Gomez
(5) Mr. Muhammad Ali Malik
(6) Mr. Fakir Syed Aijazuddin
(7) Mr. Ijaz Abmad Chaudhry
(8) Mr. Shahid Anwar
(9) Mr. Istaqbal Mehdi

All the retiring Directors shall be eligible to offer themselves for re-election.

3. To transact any ordinary business of the Company with the permission of the Chairman.


1. A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting may appoint in writing any person as his proxy to attend the meeting and vote instead of him. The proxy shall have the right to attend, speak and vote in place of the member appointing him at the meeting. A proxy need not be a member of the Company. Proxy form must be deposited at the Company’s Registered Office not less than 48 hours before the time for holding the meeting.

2. The members whose shares are maintained on Central Depository System with the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited should follow the guidelines for attending the General Meetings and appointment of proxies as laid down by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

3. The shareholders are requested to promptly notify the Company of any change in their addresses.

4. The Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed from 14th to 20th September, 2011 (both days inclusive).

For more information, contact:
Bata Pakistan Limited
Lahore, Pakistan.
UAN: 92-42-111-044-055
Fax: 92-42-36581176-77

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