Ancient Statues Discovered at Thar Heritage Site

The Endowment Fund for Trust (EFT) for the Preservation of the Heritage of Sindh has found six centuries-old statues during the restoration of a temple at the Thar heritage site on Friday.

According to an announcement in this regard, the “Statues were unearthed during restoration works at the Nagarparkar City Temple by Endowment Fund for Trust for Preservation of the Heritage of Sindh”.

“The temple will shortly be handed over to the Culture Department, Government of Sindh, along with the statues of (sandstone and marble) Mahavira and other Tirthankaras of Jainism,” as per the announcement.

Hameed Akhund of the EFT revealed that the discovery of the statues had actually been made a long time ago, and termed it as ‘a major breakthrough’.

“We think when the war began in 1971 between India and Pakistan, someone dumped them in a cave-like space where we were doing our project. We found them in the same place. These all would be handed over to the Sindh government,” he explained.

The antiques are expected to enrich the Sindh Culture Department.

Source: Pro Pakistani