Analysts call for exploring alternate energy resources

Analysts have called for exploring alternate energy resources to minimize country's dependence on imported fuel.

Talking to Radio Pakistan on Thursday, they underlined the need to shift from fuel based energy to renewable energy in order to cater the issues of high prices and fuel shortage.

In her remarks, renowned Economist Dr. Noor Fatima said that Pakistan needs to contain its oil imports. She said power-projects on CPEC should be established rapidly to have alternate energy with much cheaper prices.

Taking part in the discussion, energy expert Tahir Basharat Cheema said clean drinking water is still the major issue being faced by the people. He stressed on the need to build water reservoirs for its conservation.

Renowed Economist Dr. Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig in his remarks said there is a dire need to put the industries on alternate resources, which can provide sufficient energy to them in order to work in a proper manner.

Taking part in debate, expert on water resources Ahmad Kamal demanded of the incumbent government to develop better plans for water management systems and its reservoirs, so that it can be used in an appropriate way.

PML-N leader Dr. Nisar Ahmad Cheema said it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to play their due role in addressing prevalent economic challenges to the country.

Source: Radio Pakistan