Aman’s Emergency Medical Service Team in Sanghar and Badin provides Medical Support to 3855 patients

Lahore: With more than 300 people dead in three months of torrential monsoons which have destroyed 400000 homes, causing the displacement of 1.8 million people, Sindh is faced with a major challenge once again.

Keeping this grave situation in view which has led to a humanitarian crisis of the worst kind, the Aman Foundation has once again stepped in to provide assistance to the victims.

Last year when 22 of 24 districts in Sindh had been flooded, and almost one-fifth of Pakistan’s total land area was inundated, the Aman Foundation’s Emergency Medical Service operated as mobile clinics that provided timely outpatient healthcare to almost 80,000 displaced people in the worst affected areas.

This year as well, the Foundation has supported the Pakistan Navy in its efforts by providing 11 Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS) for rescue purposes. In addition to this Aman’s EMS team is working alongside the Navy’s medical team in Sanghar and Badin Districts, thereby providing medical care to a total of 3855 patients since 22 September, 2011. The four most common diseases which have contributed to 57 per cent of total infirmities thus far are skin infection (21 per cent), diarrhea (17 per cent) and malaria (18 per cent) and RTI (9 per cent).

Admiral Tayyab of the Pakistan Navy visited Cadet College, Sanghar, where he was briefed about disease patterns amongst flood victims. While spending time in the ambulance that served as a Mobile Clinic, he was also briefed about the medical equipment available in it. While visiting make-shift camps, the Admiral observed the care that was being administered to flood victims by Aman’s EMS team and was greatly appreciative all the efforts.

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