All Pakistan Newspaper Society condemns the Police authorities for harassing newspaper staff in Gilgit

Karachi: “The APNS strongly condemns the Police authorities of Gilgit for harassing and victimizing the staff of Daily K-2, Gilgit for breaking a news item regarding alleged gang rape of a girl at the village of Skardu.

The APNS has been approached by the publisher of Daily K-2, Gilgit that on August 04, 2011, a news item was published in his Daily about alleged gang rape of a young girl by influential personalities at Skardu. On publication of the story, the Supreme Appellate Court, Gilgit, Baltistan took judicious notice of the incident and ordered Police inquiry in the matter.

The DIG in his report to the Supreme Appellate Court informed that the SSP, Skardu visited the village and where a mob of villagers was gathered protesting on the incident. However, the SSP later stated that the girl has denied any such incident.

The Supreme Appellate Court expressed its dissatisfaction and advised the Police to complete its inquiry within 20 days. The involvement of the Government of Baltistan in the matter is evident from the award of Rs.50,000/- to the alleged victim girl by the Chief Minister and his statement that the report of the newspaper was based on malafide interest.

The APNS states that the statement of the Chief Minister was sub-judice as the matter is still in the Court. The publication has approached the APNS that the Police authorities have issued warrants of the staff of newspapers and raided the offices to pressurize and victimize the publication to refrain from publishing the stories relating to the above matter.

The APNS has requested the Chief Minister, Gilgit Baltistan to advise the Police authorities to refrain from the high-handedness against the press and allow it to continue the professional duties to ensure “people right to know”.

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