5th Small and Medium Enterprise Conference in Gujranwala on 6th October

Lahore: The 5th SME Conference 2011 will be held on 6th October, 2011 at the Shelton Hotel in Gujranwala. This is the fifth forum in a series of annual SME Conferences being organized by SHAMROCK Conferences International and this year’s theme would be “The Mandate for SMEs in Pakistan”.

The SME conference which is endorsed annually by SMEDA and supported by UNISAME is driving this developmental debate successfully over the past several years, highlighting issues that call for structural reforms in this all-important sector.

Recently, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has accelerated its efforts for economic strengthening through exploitation of broad-based opportunities in the SME sector.

Mr. Menin Rodriguez, Chairman, 5th SME Conference 2011, speaking at the announcement ceremony said, “The SME sector is a significant component in driving the economic growth of progressive nations and demands decisive governmental regulations and overall recognition to ensure attentive guidance.

We hope that the conference deliberations will enable faster growth and expansion among smaller enterprises. Reportedly, the regulatory and developmental organizations like the State Bank and IFC are already geared-up for substantial SME reforms, while the OIC is also engaged in a more elaborate segmentation of this sector”.

The SME Conference is attended by the regulatory bodies, government officials, members of the central bank, private sector personnel, SME heads of scheduled banks, key stakeholders and academia etc.

The objective is not limited to stimulating policy decisions but also focuses on growth of SMEs, awareness of Islamic-banking principles with interest-free financing, improved delivery-mechanism of resources, suitable monitoring and evaluation systems, induction of technology and quality human resource along with other critical issues.

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